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Bustard Mustard

Bustard Mustard

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Handmade at Thanksgiving Ranch in Pincher Creek using a now-famous family recipe.

Bustard’s Mustard was first used in our family bakery in the mid-1970s. It was an old family recipe created for special-occasion meals, like Easter, and then expanded to be used as a sauce on our submarine sandwiches of which we sold several hundred each week in the bakery. From there, more people would ask exactly what was on our subs and whether they could buy it. No one had tasted anything like this sweet and mildly spicy mustard. Despite what I thought was a rather obvious name, my mother was unsure what we could call it if we sold it when I suggested Bustard’s Mustard. It is the only mustard that has known to cause addictive behaviour. For years, it has been sold locally in delis around the Pincher Creek area, as well as friends who knew where they could be ‘hooked up’ with a supply!


Ingredients: Vinegar, Eggs, Sugar, Dry Mustard, Salt, Corn Starch, Spices

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