Whole, Half and Quarter Beef

  • Fill your freezer while saving mone and have a constant supply of high quality AAA beef.
  • Can't afford that much by yourself? Share with a friend or family member.
  • It takes approximately 4 weeks from date of butcher to when your order is ready to pick up.
  • The weight of cut and wrapped meat that will end up in your freezer is about 60% of the
    hanging weight.
  • All meat comes frozen and wrapped in butcher paper
  • Prices include wrapping and all the regular cutting ie. Steaks, ground beef, roasts.
    If any meat is smoked or made into jerky, there will be additional costs

Whole and Half Beef

Whole and half beef are fully customizable. The butcher will be in touch with you directly on what cuts you would like to get. If you just want standard cuts, let us know and we can do the cutting instructions for you.

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Quarter of beef

are cut in standard cuts. This is so you get a mixture of beef cuts from the
front and hind quarters.

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